Best Friends


I have a best friend named Victoria. We have been friends now for a number of decades. She is that one person in my life that knows every single thing about me and loves me anyway.

We met when we were 15 years old so you can imagine that we have shared marriages, divorces, deaths, births, children, parents, dating, drinking, untold times of being cheated on in those early years and other unhappy things.

We were in our 20s in those days when you couldn’t wait til Thursday night to get off work and go to happy hour. Thursday was happy hour and home at a reasonable hour in order to go to work on Friday. Friday was happy hour then on into the night usually til everything closed. Saturday was usually date night in the bars and such so we would  other stuff if we didn’t have a date. Stuff like shopping, movies, laundry, sleepovers. Girl stuff.

We talk almost daily. We don’t live in the same state and haven’t for a few years but we get together as much as we can and always have the best time!

Cherish your best friend if you have one. I have always felt blessed to have her.

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