So what did you do this past weekend?


I love weekends! Especially those that come with soft drizzly rain and a soft little breeze too. That is what we had this weekend!

And, while I’m always for time to myself, I love those weekends when hubby and I are home with no plans or projects – just relaxing watching movies, napping or whatever. That is what it was like this weekend.

As usual I ran those last errands on Friday for any missing food items, new DVD’s, laundry pick-up etc. Did a load of laundry or two just to keep it under control. (I’m very picky about how I sort and do my laundry so  I slip a load in here and there as the Spirit moves me). It’s the loads of sheets and towels that require an Advil upfront. I mean face it, who wants to fold a fitted sheet with those corners! I have perfected my own method though. It works good for me. In a perfect world I like to iron my flat sheet and pillow cases. I used to do  it but it seems like too much these days.

So back to Friday. I changed the bed and cooked a proper dinner and called it done. Hubby came home to dinner on the table (this is the usual for us because he is SO hungry when he walks in the door). After dinner showers, nighties for moi and sweats for him and then relaxing in front of the TV. That means hubby is in his chair with elderly kitty laying behind him and I am in my corner of the sofa with Gracie, laptop, knitting and glass of tea. Cozy.

Saturday we slept in. Gracie and I slept later than Hubby. We woke up and had delicious coffee while doing some art work. Hubby took a nap and I read for awhile. Then we went to get passport photos. It’s time to renew. And get a document notarized.  We grabbed a bite to eat and headed home. Just relaxing from there watching movies, knitting and doing some art work. Gracie got a stomach ache.


Sunday slept in again. Hubby got up first as usual. When he heard us stirring  he started cooking. Bacon, eggs, English muffins. Yum! He’s so sweet like that. So we ate and talked and spent several hours at the table talking and sharing.

Hubby went to the garage for some man stuff so Gracie and I installed the new cable box on the bedroom TV and laid down for a little bit.

You know you just have those days sometimes when you don’t feel good.

Our kitty is sick so Gracie and I will try to take him to the vet tomorrow. Gracie still had he stomach ache on Sunday but started feeling better.

Watched another movie Sunday.


Sunday night was excited to see the premier episodes of Blood and Oil and Quantico. Loved them both!

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