“Life Makeovers ~ a 52 week essay project to improve your life”


So my best friend Victoria tells me about this book  Life Makeovers by Cheryl Richardson.

Taken from the book itself: “The Life Makeover program is  powerful year-long program for change. It is designed to support you in changing your life one week at a time.  Each chapter consists of a toic of the week and contains a Take Action Challenge and a Resource section to support you in taking action quickly and easily”.

Ms Richardson invites you to partner with a friend which “is like providing yourself with a life insurance policy that will pay great dividends”.

Victoria is the Team Leader of this project since it was her idea. Now we begin!

Favorite TV Shows


Let me see I’m an admitted reality junkie so I’ll start with those:

Big Brother

Real Housewives of Atlanta,New Jersey, OC, Beverly Hills and New York. (NY is last because I like it least)

Dancing With the Stars

So You Think You Can Dance



The Haves and the Have Nots ( I don’t know why I watch this. The acting is horrible and the whole thing is pretty cheesy but it has a hook that keeps you drawn in)

The Vikings

Game of Thrones

Orphan Black (most fav)


Marriage Bootcamp

Hand of God

Dr. Phil

T. D. Jakes

Super Soul Sundays


Entertainment Tonight

Little Women of L.A.

Southern Stuff


Why yes  I am a southern girl.

I have a hose pipe not a water hose.

I mash elevator buttons as opposed to pressing them.

Love grits, fried okra, hushpuppies, brunswick stew and cornbread.

Girls carry pocketbooks not purses if you’re from the south.

I don’t get mad when people call us slow because we’re southern. I just giggle and appreciate that  we have the upper hand.

Dinner is at lunch time and Supper is in the evening.

I wear house shoes and house coats instead of slippers and a robe.

Love sitting on the front porch

Sweet tea

I use a buggy in Wal-mart, not a shopping cart

I like dressing at Thanksgiving not stuffing

Pralines (and southerners usually taste their first one at Stucky’s)

We never wear white after Labor Day

Always take down your Christmas tree before January 1st because that’s bad luck.

Eat black eyed peas and cornbread on New Year’s Day

As a kid we never did any sort of work related things on Sunday because it was a day of rest.

When I was a kid everything in town closed at noon on Wednesday.


Best Friends


I have a best friend named Victoria. We have been friends now for a number of decades. She is that one person in my life that knows every single thing about me and loves me anyway.

We met when we were 15 years old so you can imagine that we have shared marriages, divorces, deaths, births, children, parents, dating, drinking, untold times of being cheated on in those early years and other unhappy things.

We were in our 20s in those days when you couldn’t wait til Thursday night to get off work and go to happy hour. Thursday was happy hour and home at a reasonable hour in order to go to work on Friday. Friday was happy hour then on into the night usually til everything closed. Saturday was usually date night in the bars and such so we would  other stuff if we didn’t have a date. Stuff like shopping, movies, laundry, sleepovers. Girl stuff.

We talk almost daily. We don’t live in the same state and haven’t for a few years but we get together as much as we can and always have the best time!

Cherish your best friend if you have one. I have always felt blessed to have her.

John Travolta is surely “Staying Alive”!


Ok so yes the guy has really not aged well and he is a Scientologist but ever since “Saturday Night Fever”  I have been a huge fan.

You know all that stuff about him being gay. Which, let’s face it, if he was so what. Being gay is not a crime for pete’s sake. It does irk me that anyone at all would be threatened with that. In the book “Going Clear” about the supposed real scoop on Scientology, a “tell all person” who is close to Travolta scoops us that the Scientology big dog threatened our Johnny with this every time he wanted to leave Scientology. Apparently he has wanted to leave many many times. I don’t know why he didn’t just go. He may yet.  As far as the threatening him with being gay, they have smeared him in the tabloids multiple times with less than flattering stories of antics.

He’s done alot of memorable movies:

Tod in Boy in the Plastic Bubble 1976

Tony Manero in Saturday Night Fever 1978 (love!)

Danny in Grease 1978 (never could like this even if it was John)

Bud in Urban Cowboy 1980 (love love love)

Tony Manero in Stayin’ Alive 1983 (loved but not as much as Saturday Night Fever)

James in Look Who’s Talking Too 1990 (loved this)

James in Look Who’s Talking Now 1993 (loved this movie)

Vincent in Pulp Fiction 1994 (I hated this movie and would have walked out of the theater but I couldn’t walk out on my guy Travolta)

Chili Palmer in Get Shorty 1995

Maj Vic “Deak” Deakins in Broken Arrow 1996 (one of my all time favs)

Michael in MIchael 1996 (one of my all times favorites.. love him as an angel)

Archer and Troy in Face Off 1997

Gov Jack Stanton in Primary Colors 1998

Brig General Quintard in the Thin Red Line 1998

Warrant Officer  Paul Brenner in The General’s Daughter 1999

Terf in Battlefield Earth 2000

Captain Mike Kennedy Ladder 49 2004

Edna Turnblad in Hairspray 2009 (he makes an unattractive woman for sure!)

Woody Stevens in Wild Hogs 2007

There are quite a few others of course but these are the ones that stand out to me.

and then there was Johnny Depp


For as long as I can remember I have loved movies! How about you? Currently I am just dying to see Black Mass. Not only is is true but Johnny Depp stars in it. Let’s face it what can Depp NOT do? Let’s see:

Lerner in Platoon 1986

Baltimore in Cry Baby 1990

Edward in Edward Scissorhands 1990 (love this movie)

Gilbert in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape 1993

Sam in Benny & Joon 1993 (love this movie)

Don Juan in Don Juan DeMarco 1994 (love the song If You Ever Loved a Woman)

Donnie in Donnie Brasco 1997 (love this movie)

Roux in Chocolat 2000 (love this one)

George King in Blow 2001 (one of my all time favorite movies)

Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean 2003 2006 2007 2011

Willie Wonka in Charlie and The Chocolate Factory 2005

John Dilinger in Public Enemies 2009

Mad Hatter in Alice  in Wonderland 2010

Frank Tupelo in The Tourist 2010

Rango in Rango 2011

Kemp in Rum Diary 2011

Barnabas Collins in Dark Shadows 2012

Tonto in The Long Ranger 2013

Wolf in Into the Woods 2014

Will Castor in Transcendence 2014

James “Whitey” Bulger in Black Mass 2015

And he did so many others but these are the ones that most come to mind and some of the ones I love the most. He is a magnificent actor not to mention an eccentric, mysterious and definitely intriguing person/character

Psychic Readings


I do psychic readings by phone. All you need to do is book an appointment.  I use many different type of Oracle cards. Typically  I am led to use a certain deck in my meditation prior to a reading. Sometimes Spirit advises that no cards are needed.

Psychic Medium Readings

1 hour $125.00
45 min $100.00
30 min  $ 75.00
Call 678-372-4402 or email julie@juliecollinsreiki. com for appointments

Gracie and her allergies


Sadly I am allergic to chicken and anything to do with chicken. I also have seasonal allergies. When I am itchy and sneezy Mommy gives me half a Zyrtec in some cheese. My Doctor said this is the best thing to do. Kitties can take Zyrtec too.

Mommy bathes me in natural shampoos that smell good too.  I get a bath every week so I stay soft and smelling good. I’ve never had any kind of skin problems. I’m happy about that.