Let’s Talk Politics


Oh my goodness. So much on the table being served and so many new dishes: Trump, Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina.. what’s a girl to do.

There are those known dishes like Hillary and Jeb. Is it me of does Jb Bush seem to get quieter and quieter as time passes? He’s like the incredible shrinking violet!

There was a time when I had respect for Hillary but in the face of several of her decisions and how she handled them that time has passed for me. 2012 Benghazi left me raw and all the rest has paled in comparison. So she is not a choice for me for anything.

Ben Carson was a breath of fresh air until he recently stuck his foot in his mouth more than a few times and now I just feel befuddled. He’s on my back burner and who knows from there.

Carly Forina sort of leaves me unmoved one way or the other so I’ll just let that simmer and watch along the way.

Trump is surprising me in so many ways and I’m not at all offended by it.  do wish he would rethink his attitudes about women. He clearly loves women: he loves enough of them, married enough of them and has a daughter. So get your woman act together Donald cause you’re looking too good in too many other areas to let this one fail you.

I do think it was a low blow to Trump today for Jeb to send in his girl to question Trump about women. That was cheesy. Didn’t know Jeb could go so low.

What do you think?


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