Praying…..are you a prayer warrior?


I am a prayer warrior. Always have been. I pray all the time, anywhere, anytime.

Prayer is powerful.  Yes, powerful.

It doesn’t matter the name you choose to call the Almighty. It can be God, Spirit, Universe. You get the idea. What matters is belief, faith and acknowledgement.

Touching on atheists for a moment. The word is  a noun defined as a person who disbelieves or lacks belief in the existence of God or gods. Is a person saying they are an atheist often they have acknowledged that there is a supreme power but they just don’t believe in that power. That is completely contradictory and I’ll just let that sit there as opposed to going into a black hole.

I keep a prayer list ( a book actually) and encourage people to let me know by any means they choose if they would like to be added to my prayer list. I pray for that person then each and every day.

Please pray.

Give it a try. Pray for yourself, for your loved ones, for strangers. Prayer is not limited by knowing what the problem is, knowing the person you are praying for. Remember, Spirit knows all and already knows the situation fully.

Please email me with your name and a tiny but about your situation if you wish and I will add you to my prayer book and pray for you daily.

Please pray for me.


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