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Obagi Skin Care


I went to my esthetician today. Every once is awhile I get sidetracked on my skincare and need to swift kick and a jumpstart. Today was one of those days. I’ve used the Obagi system for 12 years and love it. Not the easiest but the best. Not the least expensive but more than well worth it. I came home with  4 products for $368.00 but these particular ones last a long time so it’s not as if you buy them every month.

After so many years of not having a esthetician I am so glad to have one now. The first one I began with 12-13 years ago didn’t excite me so much.

Now Judith McKernan is another story!! She is the owner of A New You in Woodstock Georgia. The best. She is wonderful, the staff is wonderful, it’s all wonderful!

So we’re cracking down around here. Proper skin protocol tonight with Pixel Laser facial coming up on September 29th.