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Gracie is going back to school

Gracie and I went to obedience school when she was barely 6 months old. She did pretty good. Some things stuck and some didn’t. And,  we have to remember she is a terrier. They are extremely smart and extremely stubborn.

So now that she is 22 months old we are going to go back to get some of the more important things.

As or now we have talked to the Owner/Master Trainer of Five Star Dog Resort in Alpharetta. He is calling back tomorrow to set up an evaluation for Gracie. That should move into a set of 2 to 3 classes and he will re-evaluate her. We’ll keep you posted on this!


Gracie and her allergies


Sadly I am allergic to chicken and anything to do with chicken. I also have seasonal allergies. When I am itchy and sneezy Mommy gives me half a Zyrtec in some cheese. My Doctor said this is the best thing to do. Kitties can take Zyrtec too.

Mommy bathes me in natural shampoos that smell good too.  I get a bath every week so I stay soft and smelling good. I’ve never had any kind of skin problems. I’m happy about that.