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Orange is the New Black


After being so tired of summer TV I subscribed to Netflix (been wanting to anyway) and entrenched myself in late night viewing of Orange is the New Black until final finishing the last episode. Looking forward to the new season.

I am very intrigued with OISTB for some reason. Some of the reasons for me: The characters are really rich and interesting in many cases. Mesmerizing that it is based on the true story of Piper Kerman who also wrote it. Hard to believe this could have happened to anyone. The interactions between the characters is very interesting given that the are “locked up” (inmates and staff) and basically need to find a way to cohabit so they more or less need to *Get Over It*, whatever *it* is when something happens.

Could do with less of the sex and vulgar language but hey.. you know what they say about that. “If you don’t like it don’t watch it'”

So my bottom line: I watch it. Some episodes I want to rematch for clarity. On to Narcos for my next marathon

Big Brother ended last night 9/23

o poo.  I wanted Liz to win so badly. IMHO she really worked for it.

Did not want Vanessa to win simply because she manipulated, twisted and lied to everyone throughout and it really got to me. It was especially bad toward the end i.e. when she eliminated Austin blindsiding him and Liz.  So sad.

So congratulations Steve! I think you earned it to. Nerd power! Happy for you. And congratulations to James for being fan favorite. What a nice and adorable guy he is.

Bastard Executioner begins 9/15/15


Looked forward to this new show on FX tonight at 10. Reminds me so much of The Vikings. Two hour premiere show.

Alot of characters. Alot going on. Very rich. Not sure at all how I feel about it. Wondering if I was just too tired maybe.

it does bother me that it’s by the same group that did Sons of Anarchy which never could get into (partly because it was so bloody and gory).

We’ll see…

Dancing With the Stars (again) starts 9/14/15


Dancing With the Stars starts again tonight. I loved it when it was first on  but as time passed the guests  became uninteresting to me so I skipped it often times.

I didn’t plan on watching last season but at some point I did and found myself stuck on it supporting Rumer Willis and she won. I’m going to give it a try for Season 21 and see what’s going on.


Favorite TV Shows


Let me see I’m an admitted reality junkie so I’ll start with those:

Big Brother

Real Housewives of Atlanta,New Jersey, OC, Beverly Hills and New York. (NY is last because I like it least)

Dancing With the Stars

So You Think You Can Dance



The Haves and the Have Nots ( I don’t know why I watch this. The acting is horrible and the whole thing is pretty cheesy but it has a hook that keeps you drawn in)

The Vikings

Game of Thrones

Orphan Black (most fav)


Marriage Bootcamp

Hand of God

Dr. Phil

T. D. Jakes

Super Soul Sundays


Entertainment Tonight

Little Women of L.A.