So what did you do this past weekend?


I love weekends! Especially those that come with soft drizzly rain and a soft little breeze too. That is what we had this weekend!

And, while I’m always for time to myself, I love those weekends when hubby and I are home with no plans or projects – just relaxing watching movies, napping or whatever. That is what it was like this weekend.

As usual I ran those last errands on Friday for any missing food items, new DVD’s, laundry pick-up etc. Did a load of laundry or two just to keep it under control. (I’m very picky about how I sort and do my laundry so  I slip a load in here and there as the Spirit moves me). It’s the loads of sheets and towels that require an Advil upfront. I mean face it, who wants to fold a fitted sheet with those corners! I have perfected my own method though. It works good for me. In a perfect world I like to iron my flat sheet and pillow cases. I used to do  it but it seems like too much these days.

So back to Friday. I changed the bed and cooked a proper dinner and called it done. Hubby came home to dinner on the table (this is the usual for us because he is SO hungry when he walks in the door). After dinner showers, nighties for moi and sweats for him and then relaxing in front of the TV. That means hubby is in his chair with elderly kitty laying behind him and I am in my corner of the sofa with Gracie, laptop, knitting and glass of tea. Cozy.

Saturday we slept in. Gracie and I slept later than Hubby. We woke up and had delicious coffee while doing some art work. Hubby took a nap and I read for awhile. Then we went to get passport photos. It’s time to renew. And get a document notarized.  We grabbed a bite to eat and headed home. Just relaxing from there watching movies, knitting and doing some art work. Gracie got a stomach ache.


Sunday slept in again. Hubby got up first as usual. When he heard us stirring  he started cooking. Bacon, eggs, English muffins. Yum! He’s so sweet like that. So we ate and talked and spent several hours at the table talking and sharing.

Hubby went to the garage for some man stuff so Gracie and I installed the new cable box on the bedroom TV and laid down for a little bit.

You know you just have those days sometimes when you don’t feel good.

Our kitty is sick so Gracie and I will try to take him to the vet tomorrow. Gracie still had he stomach ache on Sunday but started feeling better.

Watched another movie Sunday.


Sunday night was excited to see the premier episodes of Blood and Oil and Quantico. Loved them both!

The day the lights went out in Georgia for me


8 years ago today on a Tuesday at 6 am my sweet Daddy passed from this world to another as we stood around the bed in his and mom’s bedroom  their home. Diagnosed and gone in 13 months. Take nothing for granted. Life is precious and time is elusive. This was a vibrant, active, social 76 year old Marine retired after 32 year in the US Marine Corps and retired again after tenure at  Coca Cola International in Atlanta. Major James D Manley.

It was the last thing we expected. All of us. Him as well. We struggled that 13 months. I am an only child who gave birth to an only child. My child had married 2 years prior and lived in another state. My son was very close to my father having been raised by a single mother.

I remember that afternoon in the first week of August being in the surgeon’s office with Mom and Daddy. The surgeon advised that surgery was necessary to remove lymph nodes. We all cried, doctor included. We all knew the future was dim.  Daddy asked the doctor if the surgery could wait long enough for him to go north and see his first great grandchild come into the world. We had just received a call while we were there that my daughter in law was in labor. The doctor agreed that Daddy could go and I drove them straight home to pack and leave. They barely got there when the precious baby was born. It was one of the happiest moments of our life. Daddy was overjoyed to be there with his precious grandson and newborn great grandchild.

The surgery took place when they returned and we moved forward. In September I married having met my soul mate late in life. Daddy was in much pain walking me down the aisle but we made it.  Daddy loved my husband and was very happy to see me  married after  many years of being single.





In April, 7 months into the 13 months of our last time with Daddy, he had a stroke at the register in Wal-Mart where he and Mom were shopping right across the street from where I was at work. God was good and the stroke did not hit the side of the brain that causes paralyzation. It took its’ toll on him but he recovered fairly well.

At this point my son had come to Georgia with wife and baby. He left the there staying with Mom and Daddy while he commuted back and forth as frequently as possibly. Everyday I would go over at lunch and right after work. My husband would come right after work.  We all spent as much time with Daddy as we could.  It was wonderful to be altogether having each other so close as we went through this. Mom had a difficult time during this period. In hindsight when she and I discuss it it seems like she emotional checked out off and on to cope.  I can only imagine how she felt to be going through this with her husband of 55 years.


August brought  the trip to M D Anderson Hospital in Texas in hopes of being in a trial that would get rid of this cancer and rally Daddy back to his life, our life, LIFE. While there he hemorrhaged badly, BADLY. My husband and I were called out that Labor Day Friday on an emergency basis.

Daddy looked rough. Tired and worn out but still with some hope as he always held a strong belief in God.

After a few days things seemed to be controlled and we were under the impression that the process for the trial would continue on. Just when we could breath again his doctor came to me and asked our plans. I told her we were going back to Georgia the following morning. She said “No. You can’t leave. Your father has only a few weeks left, a month at most.” In an absolute stupor I rallied my mother, husband, son and DIL asking the doctor to repeat this to them. I was positive they would not believe me at all because none of had been under this impression.

This lovely, caring and sensitive doctor sat and repeated this news. She said hospice was where we were at this point.  Moments later we all, doctor included, went into Daddy’s room to tell him this and ask what he wanted to do. He just wanted to go home. He wanted to depart this world in his own home. So, home hospice was arranged. Son went back to his work to tie up loose end and get back to GA. DIL and granddaughter got in the SUV they had driven to TX in and headed back to GA.  My husband and I made arrangements and Mom, Daddy, husband and I flew out on the first possible flight. One of the roughest flights of my life; I prayed continuously that we would get Daddy home alive.

And there is little else to say. I will save the intimate, personal details of that time at home to myself.

God, Spirit, the Universe…. use the name you use to refer to the all powerful creator, has led me to put this to words. Possibly it will touch someone,help someone, lend some comfort.

Daddy is with God now as well as the angels, all our relatives and furry pets. I talk to him every single day and our relationship is strong and vibrant and we know each other better than ever.

Obagi Skin Care


I went to my esthetician today. Every once is awhile I get sidetracked on my skincare and need to swift kick and a jumpstart. Today was one of those days. I’ve used the Obagi system for 12 years and love it. Not the easiest but the best. Not the least expensive but more than well worth it. I came home with  4 products for $368.00 but these particular ones last a long time so it’s not as if you buy them every month.

After so many years of not having a esthetician I am so glad to have one now. The first one I began with 12-13 years ago didn’t excite me so much.

Now Judith McKernan is another story!! She is the owner of A New You in Woodstock Georgia. The best. She is wonderful, the staff is wonderful, it’s all wonderful!

So we’re cracking down around here. Proper skin protocol tonight with Pixel Laser facial coming up on September 29th.


Orange is the New Black


After being so tired of summer TV I subscribed to Netflix (been wanting to anyway) and entrenched myself in late night viewing of Orange is the New Black until final finishing the last episode. Looking forward to the new season.

I am very intrigued with OISTB for some reason. Some of the reasons for me: The characters are really rich and interesting in many cases. Mesmerizing that it is based on the true story of Piper Kerman who also wrote it. Hard to believe this could have happened to anyone. The interactions between the characters is very interesting given that the are “locked up” (inmates and staff) and basically need to find a way to cohabit so they more or less need to *Get Over It*, whatever *it* is when something happens.

Could do with less of the sex and vulgar language but hey.. you know what they say about that. “If you don’t like it don’t watch it'”

So my bottom line: I watch it. Some episodes I want to rematch for clarity. On to Narcos for my next marathon

Big Brother ended last night 9/23

o poo.  I wanted Liz to win so badly. IMHO she really worked for it.

Did not want Vanessa to win simply because she manipulated, twisted and lied to everyone throughout and it really got to me. It was especially bad toward the end i.e. when she eliminated Austin blindsiding him and Liz.  So sad.

So congratulations Steve! I think you earned it to. Nerd power! Happy for you. And congratulations to James for being fan favorite. What a nice and adorable guy he is.

Just in time for my favorite season: Allergies!

Ugh…. twice this week I woke up with a pounding sinus headache. The kind that warrants taking 3 Advil and a Sudafed and laying back down if you can spare the time to do so. We have terrible allergies around here,  It’s effecting the Mr. by draining all his energy.  He feels exhausted and then sleeps so hard he wakes up even  more exhausted. Sadly that might mean Mr. Grumpy Pants is in town.

Gracie has been struggling badly. She gets half a Zyrtec if she is in bad shape. Sometimes for all of us our stomachs hurt too. Gracie is in  that place right now. She has been yacking the past hour. Not eating and so forth. None of us feel like eating.

The weather has changed so much that allergies aren’t really seasonal any more. Geography can’t really lay claim to them either.

The best I’ve found is drink alot, sleep alot, don’t worry about it if you don’t feel like eating.

I’ve also found that a dab of eucalyptus to the temples often rids you of a sinus headache.

Gracie is going back to school

Gracie and I went to obedience school when she was barely 6 months old. She did pretty good. Some things stuck and some didn’t. And,  we have to remember she is a terrier. They are extremely smart and extremely stubborn.

So now that she is 22 months old we are going to go back to get some of the more important things.

As or now we have talked to the Owner/Master Trainer of Five Star Dog Resort in Alpharetta. He is calling back tomorrow to set up an evaluation for Gracie. That should move into a set of 2 to 3 classes and he will re-evaluate her. We’ll keep you posted on this!


Bastard Executioner begins 9/15/15


Looked forward to this new show on FX tonight at 10. Reminds me so much of The Vikings. Two hour premiere show.

Alot of characters. Alot going on. Very rich. Not sure at all how I feel about it. Wondering if I was just too tired maybe.

it does bother me that it’s by the same group that did Sons of Anarchy which never could get into (partly because it was so bloody and gory).

We’ll see…

Dancing With the Stars (again) starts 9/14/15


Dancing With the Stars starts again tonight. I loved it when it was first on  but as time passed the guests  became uninteresting to me so I skipped it often times.

I didn’t plan on watching last season but at some point I did and found myself stuck on it supporting Rumer Willis and she won. I’m going to give it a try for Season 21 and see what’s going on.